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Fit to Work

Dress: From Mary Jane Fitzimmons || Neckace: Anagon Shoes: Scarlet || Bag: Lacoste
Lately, I use my blog to write about my thoughts than talking about what I wear. Take this entry for instance, where I'd like to pour my sentiments as I'll be back to work on Monday, after two months of bedrest. Well, before I share to you my feelings, I'm sure you've seen this dress on my previous blog post (see previous post here) and I'm so glad that it still fits me despite my tremendous weight gain. 
Anyways, I'm a little excited and nervous for Monday since I'm going back to work already. Well, the OB cleared me fit to work on May 5 but since I've been very lonely here at home and I'm feeling much healthier now, I decided to go back to work a week early. I'm a little anxious cause my OB noted that my placenta is still relatively low, even though it got higher compared to my full previa a couple of months back. Some of my friends advise me to rest for the wh…

My Journey So Far

After I had my myomectomy and uteroplasty (removal of myoma and reconstruction of damaged uterus) last 2010, I've always prayed for a baby. I've been very insecure since my surgery (I has a bikini cut c-section, by the way) but I was really thankful that Paolo stood by me and married me despite of the risk of getting pregnant. Luckily, the Lord immediately blessed us with a bundle of joy right after we got married. (It was the best wedding gift ever given to us).

Before I thought that pregnancy was easy, fun and beautiful. Don't get me wrong, feeling and knowing that a life thrives inside you is a wonderful feeling but I always thought that pregnancy was as easy as 1-2-3. Whenever I fantasize about getting pregnant, I thought it was all about the kicks, singing tunes to the baby inside the womb, touching and caressing your belly as you fall asleep (imagining that you look fabulously good as the ones in maternity photos). Well I was all wrong! 

I never thought that there a…

Bigger than Expected

Dress: Mint || Sandals: M. Nicole
Another pregnant outfit post that I bravely posted for you. If you are wondering why I've given this post such title, it is because I've grown bigger than expected. Of course, weight gain comes with pregnancy and some says its normal. However, in my case, I've already gained 30lbs in my 6 months of pregnancy. According to my OB, normal weight gain is 30lbs during the ENTIRE pregnancy. Looks like I've already reached my weight limit with still 3 months left and still have a lot of weight to gain for my baby. Currently, I am advised to be on a low-carb diet to avoid not just tremendous weight gain but monitor gestational diabetes as well. I'm partly to blame cause when I found out that I am pregnant, I ate everything I wanted and devour all the food I deprived myself when I was dieting and working out before wedding. From having an active lifestyle to a sedentary lifestyle without diet discipline, my weight increased tremendously.

3 More Months!

Dress: Brand Spot || Hat: SM Accessories
It has been a while since I shared an outfit post here in my blog, so I'm shocking you with one. Yes that's me! I'm sure you have noticed the amount of weight I've put on since I last updated my blog. Since I have nothing to do here in our house, and I'm feeling much stronger compared the past weeks, I asked my mom to take my outfit photos. 
I'm currently on my 24th week now, and it has been a couple of months since I was advised to go for a bedrest due to my preterm contractions and placenta previa.Currently, I feel that my contractions are already controlled (thanks to my maintenance medication) however my OB-Gyne still won't let me go back to work because of my placenta previa. Placenta previa is a very delicate condition for pregnant women as any strenous activity can cause miscarriage or early labor. So imagine being stuck at home, doing nothing but sleep and eat all day, there weight gain is definitely expecte…

Announcements From Ensembles & SOLO!

Join Ensembles WEAR MY DESIGN CONTEST Year 3!
Would you like to see your very own design displayed at Ensembles? It can happen! Ensembles just recently unveiled the 8 Winning Spring Dresses 2014 now gracing the racks of every Ensembles branch nationwide! This April, the competition starts again in search of  the next 5 winning Spring Dresses of 2015, open in two categories of Soft OR Tailored. Ensembles' Wear My Design Contest 2013 Winners
If you have an eye for fashion, then this is definitely for you! All you have to do is submit a dress prototype of your design together with an application form downloaded from Ensembles Facebook page. Contest starts at April 1 to May 31st, 2014!  All submitted entries will be uploaded at Ensembles’ Facebook page for voting. Each winner will receive a cash prize and gift certificates from Ensembles, plus special gift packs from our wonderful partners VMV Hypoallergenics and Piandre Salon. Winning entries will also be featured in the Spring 2015 Col…

Beauty Review: Human Nature Mineral ColorCreme Lip Palette

It's been nearly a couple of months since I've been on bedrest, thus the inactivity here on my blog. I don't have much to post here on my blog since I don't go out and dress up so I decided to just share some beauty reviews in exchange. 
Anyway, ever since I got pregnant, I've been very picky when it comes to cosmetics to use in my face and body. I wanted to use something that has no harmful chemicals that may affect the growth of my baby, hence my discovery of different products that are safe for pregnant women. From various beauty blogs, I've learned the 2 pregnant friendly brands that are accessible and affordable, they are Human Nature and The Body Shop. 
However, I found that I already made a number of product swatches months ago when I purchased some of Human Nature products. I never had the chance to post this review because of what happened to me, but its better late than never! 
I've learned about Human Nature while browsing for safe cosmetics for…