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That Fashionable Bump

Peplum Dress: Mothercare || Bag: Lacoste
Shoes: Scarlet

Pregnancy changes your body. No matter how much effort you put in taking care of yourself, your body will adjust itself to prepare for the baby. My body has changed, compared to other first time moms, my bump is relatively bigger and my weight jumped into unbelievable numbers. Stretchmarks are starting to appear on my tummy, despite all my efforts in putting on creams and not scratching myself. I'm starting to get pregnancy blues because of these changes in my appearance, but the good thing is I have a supportive husband who lifts up my self-esteem everytime I feel down. I'm sure all these blues will definitely go away the moment I see the baby.

Anyways, I never thought I could still pull off  a peplum dress with my big bump. I'm glad that there are maternity shops that offer fashionable clothes that make any pregnant woman look good and feel good about themselves. Well if there's any disadvantages in wearing dre…

BPI offers free access to BPI Express Mobile app to Globe subscribers

The BPI Express Mobile app, the most downloaded finance app in the country, becomes even more accessible, as the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) today launches free access to the widely used app to Globe Telecom’s over 38 million prepaid, postpaid and TM customers.
From April 30 to August 31, 2014, Globe subscribers will enjoy having no data charges whenever they log on and transact using the BPI Express Mobile app.
“BPI has always been at the forefront of introducing new channels for our clients to access their accounts conveniently. The BPI Express Mobile app, our latest innovation, is doing very well. Since its re-launch in June last year, it has consistently been the number one downloaded finance app in the country,” says SVP Manuel C. Tagaza, Electronic Channels Group Head.
“In line with the Bank’s new corporate slogan, ‘Make the Best Happen,’ we not only want to offer the best mobile banking channel in the country; we also want to make mobile banking even more accessible by p…

WEN to be beautiful

Women’s hair will get more beautifully awesome WEN® Cleansing Conditioner.
Developed by Los Angeles based “stylist to the stars”  Chaz Dean,  WEN ensures that the Filipina’s hair will have the same Hollywood shine, shimmer and splendor.
WEN is a revolutionary  5-in-1 formula. That this one product takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. It cleanses hair thoroughly without lathering or harsh ingredients, and designed not to strip your hair and scalp of natural oils to leave your hair with more strength, moisture, manageability and better color retention.
It has all-natural ingredients, like Glycerin, a humectant that provides moisturizing benefits to the hair; Chamomile Extract, which is used for its soothing and calming properties; Wild Cherry Bark to help condition the hair; Rosemary Extract to soothe hair; and Panthenol to help strengthen hair and restore resilience.
To use rinse hair thoroughly then Apply WEN® into your pa…


Wooden Eyewear: Sprinto
Dress and Sandals: Tiangge

Finally! I'm back after almost a week of inactivity! Well, I really cant find time to update my blog as I am always dead tired from work and end up sleeping the moment I got home. Speaking of working, I probably got tired from too much working that my contractions were again triggered.. If you remember a couple of months ago, I was confined at The Medical City due to premature contractions. Sadly, I experienced the same feeling at my 30th week. According to my OB, it was due to stress and strenuous physical activity. Currently, I am advised to be on bed rest (again) for a week.

This pregnancy has been challenging for me. Well, I cannot compare myself to other pregnant women, as I have a history of myomectomy and uteroplasty that makes my pregnancy very sensitive. Also, you might observe that I have gained tremendous amount of weight and my tummy is relatively big for 7 months. Because I got really big, stretchmarks are starting t…


Top: Coca Cabana (SM Ladiies) || Leggings and Sandals: Random
Is it just me, or the leggings made me look extra fat? I know you're probably tired of reading/ hearing my complaints on weight but it actually bothers me. Although some people compliment me for being a blooming buntisI'm quite bothered on how huge I look now compared to how I look 7 months ago. It's probably because I tend to compare myself with other first time moms -- some remain thin, some have smaller bumps and some does not gain excessive weight. Funny as it may sound, but my insecurities are far worse than ever. I feel ugly, I feel fat, I feel undesirable. For moms out there, I'm sure you've experienced this. That's why I make sure that I put on make-up every time I go out of the house so I can still feel "normal'. 
Anyways, I'm already on my 28th week now and I couldn't contain my excitement! I just had my prenatal check-up this morning and I'm so glad to share that I…

The Big Bump

Dress: FOREVER (Landmark) || Sandals: Tiangge
Necklace:Simone Fashion Closet || Kimono: Paradise Treats
"You will never understand life until it grows inside you."

Happy mother's day to all moms and moms to be out there. I have been very inactive with blogging since I came back to work cause I'm always exhausted at the end of the day. Anyways, like you I'm also surprised on how my tummy got big all of a sudden. I never thought entering my third trimester will make my tummy and my weight big all of a sudden.

Pregnancy varies to each woman. Some may bear a relatively smaller tummy, some are thin, some experience darkening of some parts, some may gain tremendous amount of weight. In my case, I am already overweight (started at 110lbs and I'm now 150lbs) and my tummy is relatively bigger compared to first time mothers. I was also worried cause I gained 10lbs in a month for two consecutive months. However I just finished having my OGTT and it showed that I have a …

Crocs Epic Sale Goes To Alabang!!

Crocs fans, you are in for a treat this summer! The world’s favorite comfort shoe brand is set to have an Epic Sale Event from May 16 to 18, 2014 at the Filinvest Tent in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. It’s a Crocs sale unlike any other and more than what you’ve experienced before! The anticipated sale of the season will surely bring smiles to loyal fans as it offers up to 90% off on a wide selection of styles.
Citibank cardholders are invited to join the exclusive preview sale on May 15, 2014.

Crocs is making this event more special with a contest on Facebook where fans will be given the chance to win VIP Passes as a way of saying thank you for the support they’ve shown in the past seven years.
Aside from the Alabang sale, you can also head down to SM Dasmariñas and Studio of Riverbanks Center in Marikina on May 29-June 1 to enjoy even more markdowns. Stay tuned as Crocs announces more dates!
For more information on the contest, other promos, and announcements, simply like Crocs Philippines…

Comfort First

People who read my blog may probably get tired of my usual pregnancy thoughts and stories. Well, I will never get tired of talking about it cause its actually the best thing that has ever happened to me -- next to my engagement and wedding of course! For those who don't know, my husband and I consider this pregnancy a miracle. Last September 2010, I had a myomectomy and uteroplasty which made us doubt if I'll have a chance of conceiving in time. Fortunately, after three years of patiently waiting and proving our love in front of the God, we were blessed with a child. You can attribute my endless excitement with that miracle -- that every kick and every pain I feel is a reminder of the best wedding gift Paolo and I received Anyways, now that I'm almost 7 months pregnant, I can feel the weight on my belly already. My 2 months bedrest (plus relentess eating) made my belly grow so big that it is relatively bigger compared to other first time moms. I'm also having a hard t…

27 weeks

Dress: Creme dela Femme || Shoes: Bag: Lacoste
Today marks my 27th week of pregnancy and I couldn't be more excited! As pregnancy articles say, this starts my third trimester which means, my baby is almost ready to come out to the world. Currently, I am amazed with his strong and sometimes painful kicks. The little things my baby does inside my belly are enough to make me very happy.
Anyway, this outfit shot was taken a couple of weeks ago and the photo does not give justice to how my belly currently looks like. Paolo took this photo when we went to a friend's house for a bonding. When we learned that I was already fit to work, Paolo and I started roaming around so I wouldn't have a hard time when I go back to work. Currently, Paolo and I go to work together (I drop him off to Makati, then I go straight to my area at Pasay or Paranaque) to lessen my driving. Even though its tiring, I'm really glad that I am back to work, able to see my friends again and…