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My Journey to Motherhood

Hello everybody! Its been a while since I've posted something here. Since I gave birth to my son, all my time and effort went to taking care of him. Motherhood overwhelmed me, surprised me, scared me but most of all taught me a of things. I was (That is why for my comeback post, I would like to share to you the things I've discovered, lessons I've learned and experiences that surprised me the moment I entered motherhood.

1. You Can Never Be Ready For The Big Day
Unlike the normal, mine was a scheduled C-Section last July 16. No, not because I wanted to escape the pain of normal delivery but because I'm not allowed to go into labor. I have a scarred uterus (due to previous myomectomy and uteroplasty) and placenta previa hence the need for the CS. For months I've set my mind for that operation. Since I had (almost) the same procedure 3 years ago when my myoma was removed, I thought everything would be a piece of cake.
But I'm wrong.

It's funny and scary to be…