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No Time is The Best Time

I know you haven't heard from me the past months so let me kick off my blogpost with the reason why I was on hiatus. You guys might find this extra long post a little different from my usual funny self but probably maturity kicks in and I feel like being emotional for the changes that happened to me the past year. So why the inactivity? I never thought I'd use the statement "I don't have time;" yet I did.

And here's why.

I thought I mastered the art of time management, until I became a mom. Prior to my marriage, pregnancy and delivery, I did all the things I loved and wanted to do. I was working, I was blogging, I was having a great social life, I was killing myself at the gym, I was providing for my family, and I was being the best girlfriend to my then boyfriend, Paolo. I was doing all the things I love all at the same time -- then my life has changed.
When my little angel Leon Paolo came to my life 5 months ago, my concept of time management was changed. …