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Accepting Changes

Finally, an outfit post since I gave birth! It's been a challenge for me to actually find time to blog and when I do, I try to write as much as I can. One of the reasons why I was shying away from fashion posts is because I'm ashamed to show how much my body has changed post partum. From toned and slender, my body has transformed into chubby and saggy. I was on bed rest during my whole pregnancy (where I did nothing but eat and sleep), that contributed to my huge weight gain (hello plus 50lbs). Since finding free time to do other things from work and parenting is a struggle, working out is still a dream.
However, I've realized that I cannot dwell on my "weight issues" forever, It's probably time for me to accept my body and slowly gain the confidence to dress up again. It's about time to move on from my insecurity and start finding ways to dress up while hiding my flaws. Slowly but surely, I know I can sort things out and finally find time to take care o…

Feeding Sessions

As a mom, one of the exciting milestone of your baby is the age where they could start eating solids. I couldn't explain the excitement that I felt when Leon turned 6 months and his pedia gave the go signal to finally give him solids. In our case, we patiently waited 6 months before introducing him food, as per WHO guidelines and pedia's advise. However, some parents start as early as 4 months, as long as the baby can support himself and already shows readiness for food. Well, in our case, we waited until we're sure that his intestines are matured enough to digest food.
So how do I introduced solids to Leon? What food maker am I using? What are the food that I am giving to him?
I'm no expert in baby feeding, but I wanted to share with you my personal preferences when it comes to introducing solids for Leon. As I've said earlier, I waited until Leon is 6 months old when I started giving him food (he just turned 7 months, btw) and I started with the basics -- apples…

Shop and Make Money at LAMIDO.COM.PH

You guys know how busy I am since I became a mom. Being a working mom, finding time to do other things has been a challenge for me. My time is usually divided to taking care of Leon while I'm at home, driving 5 hours to and from work and basically work. My hectic schedule gives me no time to do other things -- shopping included.
Since I also allot my weekends on taking care of Leon (I don't have help on weekends!), I cannot find time to shop for new clothes, make-up, or even stuff for the baby! Online shopping has been helping me get some things that I need and I want.

Browsing a lot of sites to help me get the things I need, I stumbled upon this shopping site, Lamido. Like other online shops, Lamido offers a number of essentials that the whole family can enjoy. From gadgets, to personal care, to fashion pieces and even baby needs are available at Lamido at a very afforfable price! I was actually glad when I saw that I can buy things for Leon while br…

In the Mood for Love: The Robinsons Department Store 2015 Beauty Fair!

Aside from Valentines Day, there is another thing that I look up to every February -- and that is Robinsons Department Store's Beauty Fair. In this month of love, Robinson's offer amazing discounts on hair, skin care and beauty products that all of you will surely enjoy! So for all of us beauty junkies out there, lets take advantage of this amazing offer until the end of this month! So for some prodycts that you buy, here are the discounts / freebies that you'll get:
Procter & Gamble FREE Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser 50g when you buy Olay Total Effects Cream Regular 50g or Olay Total Effects Cream with SPF15 50g (selected stores only)FREE UV Umbrella for every P800 worth of participating P&G products
FREE striped yellow/blue/pink bag for every P250 worth of Creamsilk and Sunsilk productsFREE brown leatherette bag for every P750 worth of Pond’s productsFREE black sling bag for every P200 worth of Unilever Men productsFREE wash and wear pouch for every …


Slowly but surely, I am trying my best to get back to the world I once loved - blogging. A lot of people were encouraging me to go back, not just to blogging but even to working out. However I always find myself giving the same answer -- "I don't have the time." It's not an excuse, though. The reason why I don't have time is because I don't want to give time. I am becoming so in love with my son that I'd rather spend every free minute I have with him than do anything else. Plus the fact that I became extra busy with work since my new assignment
However when your heart yells you to go back on things you used to love, it's also hard not to. So here I am, mobile typing a blog entry (while Leon is soundly asleep) and wishing to be able to post it before before the day ends. Yet, I still have one dilemma, how do I begin? What blogworthy photos should I use?
Good thing, old blogger friends managed to set a lunch date to catch up! Along with fellow mommy …