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Goddess For A Day

If you follow me on my social media sites, you know that I have tried a belly dancing class last Sunday. It was actually my first physical activity after my long bed rest and birth to my precious Leon Paolo. If you also read my blog a couple of years back, you'd know that I used to have abs and do hardcore workouts at the gym. Well, a lot has changed since I became a mom and I put physical workout on low priority. When I got an invite to try out belly dancing under the Goddess of Bellydancing, I immediately found a way to attend the class. It was my way of jumping start my "balik alindog" program which I have been delaying for many months now. Since Paolo and I don't have help on weekends (fortunately, my mom takes care of Leon when I have work on weekdays, while Paolo and I opt to be hands-on parents to Leon on weekends), I had to bring my two boys on my very first workout class after giving birth. Since I was used to doing different dance classes before (zumba, hi…

Best Feeding

Finding time to blog has been a struggle but I'm trying to squeeze in a post if my schedule permits. Like for today, I have an extra 10 minutes to write a post while waiting in work. Since I talk mostly about motherhood, I promise myself to include a post about breastfeeding. Like other moms out there, breastfeeding was a struggle for me, and I am still facing it, even if my son has turned 8 months already.

When we were in New World Hotel a month ago, Paolo and I decided to capture my intimate breastfeeding moment with Leon. It was a moment that both of us would like to capture and treasure as we grow old as parents. Fortunately, Paolo still has an eye for good pictures, and he was able to take photos artistically and tastefully.

Like other moms, initiating and sustaining breastfeeding was probably the most difficult part of motherhood. I can still remember the time when Leon was very eager to breastfeed, but my supply was so low that he lost almost 15% of his birthweight. My pum…