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Bright and Glowing: The Collection BB Cream Review

Finding time to blog has been a struggle for me and I feel so bad for not being able to post as frequently as I did before. Like for instance, I have this Collection BB Cream review on draft for the longest time but never had the opportunity to post this. Since my little Leon is sleeping soundly this afternoon, I'm abusing the chance to finally write this down and share this to you guys.
When I received the package from Robinson's Department Store (last February), one of the products that excited me the most was the CollectionBBCream. I have been reading a lot of good reviews about it, so like a giddy kid, I immediately opened the BBcream and tried it on. Honestly, I loved it. Since I started using this product, a lot of people started complimenting my face. People were asking what powder I use, what regimen I do, for my face has become smoother and more flawless as ever. Well it must be the BBcream, right?

Without Makeup Personally, I was impressed with the texture of this produ…