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One Step at a Time

It's been weeks since I last posted something here, and I couldn't remember the last time I posted a fashion related post here in my blog. Aside from the fact that I'm too preoccupied with motherhood, work and other things, I've been shying away from outfit posts for I barely look like the way I used to. If you've been reading The Bargain Doll a couple of years back, I was that fit, toned lady who dresses up too young for her age. Giving birth made me step back from blogging for I needed time to spend to my little one, while going back to work made me busier than I used to. (Imagine having to drive from QC to Paranaque and vice versa). Honestly, it wasn't just the lack of time that made me hibernate from blogging but also the fact that I am too shy show my not-so-fit body to you guys. Taking care of Leon after work and weekends gave me no time to blog, to take photos of myself, or do other things. however, as Leon grows older, I get to learn the art of balanci…