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Singapore Sling

Travelling is fun. Visiting and discovering a new country, whether with your family, friends or partner is always an experience. However, traveling abroad with your baby alone (for the first time) is another story. It’s a thrilling, exciting, nerve-wracking, yet fulfilling experience that could change you. So for my comeback post, let me share with you how I survived travelling with my baby, Leon Paolo to Singapore. More than a month ago, I decided to book a flight to Singapore, to follow my husband, Paolo who would take a 3-day tour in that country. It was an impulsive decision to follow my husband, for he spent a month, working in India. Since we’ve missed each other so much, my husband convinced me to bring our son Leon to Singapore. Honestly, my anxiety was shooting up as the flight date draws near. Both our families were discouraging me to bring Leon alone in Singapore, and suggesting us to bring someone to help me in flight. Since we  don’t have enough budget but the willingnes…