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My Perfect Matte: NYX Matte Lisptick in Eden

Every girl should have at least one red lipstick. It's your beauty BFF. It gives you your instant glam look on night outs, or prettifies you on lazy days. So when I decided to hunt for my perfect red, matte lipstick, I was in great joy. And because I'm so excited to tell everyone about it, I decided to make it my comeback post.  I'm sure most of you know that I'm a huge NYX addict. Since I'm very kuripot and I cannot lipsticks that costs more than 500 pesos, I'm always on the hunt of dupes. So I am very much pleased when I learned that the NYX matte lipsticks only costs P390. But I am more pleased when I learned that NYX has a lot of booths in various SM Stores so they are now easier to find. While I was on a hunt last week for my perfect red lipstick, I came across the NYX booth in SM MOA and immediately tried on their matte in Eden. It was like love at first try. The thickness was okay, the texture is smooth and the color is just bold yet sexy. Most importan…