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Almost Back in Shape

To those who have read my blog years back know that this have been the biggest I've ever been. If you also read my blog, you'd know how fit I used to be prior to my wedding. Well, I must have enjoyed the perks of pregnancy that I gave in to all the greatest thing in life -- eating. I weighed 160lbs post partum. It was my heaviest. Insecurities started to fill in. Then I decided its time to get back in shape. Let me share with you how I lost weight while sharing with you my photos taken at Pagudpud. I apologize if I can't share with you workout photos or meals (since I don't take photos of them anymore) but may this photodiary (and my story) inspire you. If I compare my discipline a couple of years ago to present, I must say that the Rovie before had the ideal attitude in terms of fitness. I used to workout 4-5x a week, eat healthy and sleep healthy. I devote most of my free time working out 2-3 hours per gym day (that's the real secret). But things have changed no…

On Love, Learning and Marriage. (Ilocos Photodiary)

Last week, my husband, Paolo and I celebrated our second year wedding anniversary. If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook, I'm sure you've seen our romantic photos taken during our trip to Ilocos. So here I am, writing on my blog, planning to share to you my thoughts, learnings and realization in our two years of marriage while sharing you the photos captured during our trip in Ilocos Reality Bites Marriage isn't a piece of cake. The saying is true, real life happens after the wedding bells. Despite the fact that Paolo and I have been together for 9 years prior to our wedding day, there were things that we discovered about each other. Habits, values, beliefs, attitudes that came out the moment we lived in the same house. Were they surprising? Yes.  Did it affect how we look at each other? A bit, but those things that we learned about each other made us appreciate, understand and love our differences, making us right for each other. 
Here Comes the Baby So you get married…