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Bottom Heavy

In lieu of my previous post regarding my post partum weight loss journey, let me kick off my come back by posting something figure-related. A lot of people are amazed on how much weight I've lost months after giving birth, but in reality I'm still far from what I used to look like -- toned, skinny, fit with abs. I don't workout and do diet that much so I'm having a hard time getting back those muscles and pandesals (wink wink). Because I only workout 2-3X a week with a lot of diet cheating involved, I'm having the struggle of most women out there have --- the bulging tummy and huge thighs. I may look skinny but honestly, I weigh 122 lbs. My pear shaped frame gives people the illusion that I'm thin because of my prominent collarbone thin arms. If you look closely, my thighs (and  belly) probably absorbs all the sugars, fat, carbs from all the cheat food I have been eating. Still, I'm still very much grateful that I have almost lost all my post partum fats a y…