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Safety First: Unilver's Pure it water

When you have a family, safety becomes your primary concern. Since I became a mom to Leon, I have always been very specific on each and every product that I use to him and to myself as well. The products that he uses should always be hypoallergenic, baby friendly or even organic. Most especially, the food that Leon and my family consumes must also be very safe. Since we have been talking about safety here, I am also very particular with the food and the water that we consume. Since Leon is still very young, we make sure he drinks distilled water while we also make sure that the household drinks clean and safe water. We are all very particular that each of the family member remains healthy enough to take care of our precious little Leon. Hence my excitement when I learned about Unilver's PURE IT Water Purifier. For many years now, we have buy our water and have it delivered in our house. Since we are very keen on water safety, it was then our best option for a safe drinking water …