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Bye, Victoria!

Melbourne was not initially included in our plan when we were booking our trip to Australia. Fortunately, Paolo gave in to my request and we were so glad that we were able to visit this beautiful city in our itinerary. It was a quick 3-day trip but it was worthy. We were not able to visit the zoos and the 12 apostles cause taking care of Leon was a challenge but to be able to feel the vibe and immerse in the feel of the city.

For our last day in Melbourne, our friends, Carlo and Jessa brought us to HARDWARE SOCIETE, one of the most famous breakfast spots in Melbourne. It was the best breakfast meal I ever tasted my whole life! The place is so jampacked that you have to wait at least 15-30 minutes for you to be seated.

Afterwards, we strolled around the CBD for some shopping and grafitti sighting. Its interesting to see how graffiti is artistically made in that place (compared to our country). We walked to visit the National Gallery of Victoria where Leon had the time of his life. The ki…

Hey There, Fed Square!

In as much as we want to tour each and every part of Melbourne, bringing Leon around actually slowed us down. On our second day in Melby (3rd day in Australia technically) we woke up VERY VERY LATE -- like lunchtime late. We were probably exhausted from flying for the first couple of days that our bodies caught up from our lack of sleep. Instead, we skipped the Great Ocean tour (which I regret badly) and went on touring Melbourne City on our own. Did I mention that we were not able to bring a stroller for Leon? Yes. I had to carry and chase him around while we walk the beautiful streets of the city. It was super exhausting, but every back ache and muscle pain was worth it. After grabbing our late brunch at a nearby coffee shop along the Spencer outlet, (the coffee game in Australia is so on point!!)  we hopped to the Free tram ride to take us to Melbourne's famous Federation Square. Yes you read it right, tram ride is free in the CBD and you would endlessly wish we have the same …

Melby Baby

To those who follow me in my social media accounts already know that my family and I went to Australia for vacation. It was actually our long overdue honeymoon (2 years in the making!) and Paolo's post birthday gift for me (insert blushing emoticon here). We stayed in Australia for a total of 9 days and I am very much excited to share to your how we were able to manage, survive and enjoy each and every day of our vacation.
Easter Sunday, March 27, we arrived in Sydney after our 8 hour flight from Manila. Having ZERO SLEEP, Paolo and I decidd to spend the day catching up on our sleep in our good friend's (Fenrich) house. By 6 PM, Fenrich brought us to Criniti's Restaurant at Darling Harbor, to have an initial taste of Sydney's mouthwatering dishes and have a sight of the Darling Harbor as well.

WITW: A&F Jacket || Folded & Hung Shirt || Bossini Shorts || Nike Shoes

We had to sleep early that night to prepare for our 9 AM flight to Melbourne the next day. Melbour…