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Smoother with Whipped

It's hard being a girl. Aside from the fact that we have to deal with PMS every month, we have a lot of things to maintain for ourselves. We have weight concerns, make up concerns, skin concerns and most especially, hair concerns. Unwanted body hair is quite annoying so we do a lot of rituals to make sure that we are hair free. As for myself, I usually shave to shape my brows, pluck or have my underarm hair waxed and use veet for my legs.

When it comes to waxing, I don't usually have a usual "go to" place and have it done whenever and wherever I am. So when I encountered Whipped and their sugar wax offering, I got really curious to try it out.

I was in Ayala Fairview Terraces when I chanced upon the Whipped Waxing Salon on the third floor. I was in dire need of underarm waxing and eyebrow shaping that day that I decided to have it done in the shop. Upon entering, the salon smelled sweet and fun. It's as if I'm in candyland.

So I asked my salon attendant why does…

Til I See You Again, Sydney!

I don't know if you have observed, but our trip to Australia last month inspired me to update my blog more often. Since I (assume) that I am starting to flood you with tons of our travel photos, let me conclude it by sharing with you the things we did on our last (official) day in Australia.
It was a Sunday, April 3 when we attended the wedding of our dear friend, Mike and Mia (the main reason why we flew to Sydney in the first place). Fortunately, our dearest friends, Fenrich & Ria offered to take care of Leon while we do our pasalubong shopping. Sobrang bait nila as in.
Top: Folded & Hung || Skirt: SM GTW || Shoes: Nike
Shades: Sprinto || Bag: Furla 

We went first to Chinatown to buy the usual: shirts, keychains, ref magnets and bags for pasalubong then went to Coles for chocolate shopping. We walked around the city until we reached the Queen Victoria Mall to buy Pandora charms (would not leave the place without it!). Since we're pressed for time, Paolo and I took UBER g…

Two Asian Culinary Traditions at The Cafe at Hyatt

The Cafe at Hyatt, the main dining space at the Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, is bringing two great Asian cuisines into our kitchens this coming June and July. The interactive show-kitchen restaurant, where experienced chefs perform culinary theater will be bringing in the wonderful flavors from China and India. Thus, they shall be treating guests with a culinary journey that will entail us to go back in time to the origins of Silk Road and the spice trade, arguably responsible for the complex flavor profiles that the whole world enjoys today.
Let's indulge with the taste of the Cantonese Cuisine from June 14-19.Hyatt City of Dreams Manila and Hyatt Regency Dongguan come together to bring this culinary experience to guests through mild, fresh and natural flavors with the help of visiting Cantonese chefs Xi Qing Hui and Zhao Pan Fei.
On July 17 - 24, The Cafe will bring the rich Indian favorites as  Chef Ajith Kumar from Hyatt Regency Gurgaon, New Delhi.  Enjoy Indian gustatory disco…

Chatswood to Manly Beach

The main reason why Paolo and I went to Australia is to actually attend the wedding of our friend, Mike and Mia last April 5, 2016. So the day before the wedding, we were invited for lunch at Thai Naam in Chatswood. As usual Paolo and I went loca over the taste of the food in Thai Naam. It was also a great time of catching up with friends who either travelled from Manila and were already based in Australia  The Blushing bride, Mia with Leon Afterwards, Paolo, Leon and some of our friends went back to the Harbor to see the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge up close, in broad daylight. Leon was sleeping during the photo-op, (again) giving Paolo and I the chance to have couple photos together. We then rode the ferry to Manly Beach. We initially planned to visit the Bondai beach but due to lack of time, we ended up going to the more family friendly beach (as they say), which was Manly Beach. It took us around 45 minutes to get to the Manly beach via the ferry. It was a quick and nice ride…