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Borough Quiz Night

#BoroughQuizNight is probably the first ever blogging event I attended since I resumed from my hiatus. Fortunately, the event was set on a weekend and I was able to make time for it.
It was a mix of tension and excitement when I m arrived in Borough. Tensed, cause I felt a little shy to be in a group of (I assume) pro bloggers who (probably) have succeeded during the time I became inactive. Excited cause it was an opportunity to meet different bloggers again.
Another first for me that night was participating in a quiz night! I was part of Team #TheContouring along with Testle and Nicole. (Disclaimer: I don't know why Aldous included me in the contouring team but probably because I can still pass as a millenial!). We battled against three other teams -- Team Titas of Manila, Team Mga Batang Kaladkarin, and Team Lion's Den.

In between the trivia battle, we were also treated with Borough's delicious dishes. I particularly enoyed their chocolate-cinammon flavored chicken! They pu…

A Sort of Romantic Father's Day Celebration

“Let this Father’s Day be very special to you. Every day you make a great effort to bring up our family. I am happy to be your wife and the mother of your child."

Paolo and I have probably known each other for a lifetime. Being together for almost 12 years now (more than 2 years of being married) some of you might think that we've grown too familiar with each other, but in reality, there is still more to discover. Our habits, our perspectives, our attitude towards things changed when Leon came into our life. We, especially my husband, Paolo became more matured, more hardworking, more assertive, more careful and more responsible. From planning our next vacation and thinking of what to shop to investing our funds in insurances, to exploring other career opportunities. Leon transformed Paolo (positively) to a different individual and I am impressed of the person he is becoming. Hence, I decided to devote a special celebration to honor all his efforts in keeping our little family…

Oh How I Miss You, Milan!

I was browsing my photos on my phone when I stumbled upon these pictures I took when we were in Milan a couple of months ago. Since it brought a lot of wonderful memories, I decided to edit my mobile photos on VSCO and share it here. This post shall heavy with post-processed photos to give that dreamy feel. (To emit exactly what I'm feeling right now.

After 3 days in Switzerland, our company brought us to Italy to visit the beautiful Lake Como and the magical Duomo Cathedral. We had a day of touring the place while the last day was alloted for free day to tour around the city. As usual, we walked around Lake Como, take tons of photos as we appreciate the beauty that Lake Como has to offer. .

we also went to Galleria Vittorio -- the most beautfiul and fashionable mall I have ever seen and then toured inside the Duomo Cathedral. Duomo Cathedral is one of the oldest cathedral in the world, and I was amazed on how it was maintained throughout the years. Thousanda of tourists flocked …