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[GIVEAWAY ALERT!] Enrich your Child's Reading and Filipino Skills in The Learning Library

When you become a parent, your circle of concern grows larger and mostly, you begin thinking of things that will benefit your child. The moment your child is born, you begin to plan his whole future. You become conscious of what to feed them, what to teach them, what things to buy them, and so on and so forth. Now that Leon has entered his toddler stage, I began scouting for educational centers that will cater to his learning needs. Leon now loves playing with flashcards, count and read numbers from the calendar and of course dance and sing to his favorite nursery rhymes.
Through thorough research, I came across THE LEARNING LIBRARY, an educational enrichment center that focuses on reading comprehension and Filipino. Apart from your usual tutorial center, The Learning Library aims to let children of all ages enjoy and love reading, comprehend and understand each and every sentence they read and of most importantly, let the kids learn and understand our native Filipino language.

It got m…

Colourpop Ultra Matte. The Good and The Bad of Liquid Lipsticks

Right now, liquid lipsticks are the in thing. With the birth of the highly coverted Kylie Lip Kit comes the hunt for more affordable matte liquid lipsticks and one of them is Colourpop.
I have been a fan of matte lipsticks ever since matte has became a trend because you can wear it for long hours. Different variants has been introduced -- from matte, to creamy matte, to velvet matte, to liquid matte and now the ultramatte.

Upon learning about the Coloupop craze, I immediately ordered from a friend and chose my current makeup peg -- nude / brown. Since we do not have a lot of Colourpop testers available, I relied on the swatches posted online, hence my choice for Tulle and Chi.

It took me almost a month to get my orders and you can just imagine how excited I was to try my new babies. For lot of women out there, new makeups (especially lipsticks) comforts us in a very special way and every new beauty item that we score is very very special. I immediately tried my new babies on, and it …

A Revolutionary Online Marketplace called SHOPEE

Shopee is the 1st online marketplace that offers nationwide Free Shipping and COD in the Philippines

Shopee, the Philippines’ most user-friendly mobile C2C social marketplace, is set to make buying and selling online even easier by extending its Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery (COD) program until the end of July.
Shopee is the first online marketplace in the Philippines that offers Free Shipping and COD at such a wide scale with the most number of sellers and pick-up locations.  The number of sellers and product listings on Shopee have grown by over 40% and 60% respectively since its launch on April. Currently more than 5,000 sellers are using the Free Shipping and COD program, and this number is set to grow even further by the end of the year.

Macy Castillo, Head of Commercial Business for Shopee Philippines, explains the rationale behind this Free Shipping and COD program, “It is designed to empower sellers  — seasoned and new alike — to grow their businesses and meet their maximum …

The Road To Gurgaon Indian Food Festival at The Cafe at Hyatt

When I got this beautiful invitation from The Cafe at Hyatt City of Dreams, my heart instantly skipped a bit. The invitation was intricately designed -- enough to make you feel special. Yet, I was more enticed with the fact that I will be treated to an Indian culinary adventure, something that was entirely new to me.
I was actually more excited to bring my husband with me at this food adventure for he was able to travel and stay in Gurgaon India for a month. Ever since he came from that trip last year, he would not stop telling me how delicious Indian cuisine. I always had doubts about his claim, until I tried Indian Food personally in The Cafe at The Hyatt.

Indeed, the Road to Gurgaon India is more than just your ordinary buffet -- its an amazing showcase of Indian flavors at The Cafe at Hyatt. I was very honored to experience the dishes of their guest chef, Chef Ajith Kumar. Ajith Kumar is the chef of Hyatt Regency Gurgaon, New Delhi hence the authenticity of the taste of each cuisine…

#SuperLeonTurns2 A Superhero Themed Kiddie Party

"Hello Roviedear, okay ba sa Tom's World? Maganda ba magparty don? Sulit ba?"  (Hello Roviedear, was it nice in Tom's World? Is the party package affordable?) Those are some of the questions I got when I started posting photos taken during my son's second birthday party last Saturday at Tom's World Galleria. My answer? Yes, the party venue was perfect for my theme. Yes, the party package was very reasonable, and most importantly, planning and executing it was stress free.
Let me tell you why.
Throwing a party for Leon's second birthday was not originally planned. We intended to have a simple celebration since were still recovering from the expenses we spent in Australia three months back. However, seeing him dance around, run and play like the hyper toddler that he is, I asked the husband if we can throw him one. Fortunately, he agreed but only if we can keep it within budget.

How to throw a party within budget?
When you talk about a budget kiddie party, the fi…