The Road To Gurgaon Indian Food Festival at The Cafe at Hyatt


When I got this beautiful invitation from The Cafe at Hyatt City of Dreams, my heart instantly skipped a bit. The invitation was intricately designed -- enough to make you feel special. Yet, I was more enticed with the fact that I will be treated to an Indian culinary adventure, something that was entirely new to me.
I was actually more excited to bring my husband with me at this food adventure for he was able to travel and stay in Gurgaon India for a month. Ever since he came from that trip last year, he would not stop telling me how delicious Indian cuisine. I always had doubts about his claim, until I tried Indian Food personally in The Cafe at The Hyatt.


Indeed, the Road to Gurgaon India is more than just your ordinary buffet -- its an amazing showcase of Indian flavors at The Cafe at Hyatt. I was very honored to experience the dishes of their guest chef, Chef Ajith Kumar. Ajith Kumar is the chef of Hyatt Regency Gurgaon, New Delhi hence the authenticity of the taste of each cuisine. My husband, who stayed in Gurgaon for a month, felt as if he was traveling back to India in every bite.
Although I am not good with the names of each dishes prepared in the buffet, I personally enjoyed the Prawn Curry with Mango (!!!), the Chicken Biryani and the Vegetable Samosa. I never expected that I would enjoy eating Indian dishes (I always had the impression that everything will taste like smelly chicken curry) and would keep on coming back for more. (Imagine the husband repeatedly telling me, "I told you, Indian food is great")
Should you wish to ride on an exciting food trip to the Road to Gurgaon India, and experience what Indian cuisine has to offer, head on over at The Cafe at The Hyatt, City of Dreams Manila. The Indian Food Festival will happen until July 24, where you will be treated with an unforgettable gastronomical experience! The Cafe is also the perfect place to bond with your family and friends.

The rates for The Cafe at the Hyatt starts at PHP 1,388 net for lunch and PHP 1,888 net for dinner. The rates are actually very very reasonable! The Cafe have enough dishes in each of the cuisines they offer that will satisfy each and every of your cravings.
Aside from trying the other dishes at The Cafe, I also used the opportunity to bond with my friends, Rhea, Arnie and Joy, who I haven't seen for months! I must say that the Road to Gurgaon was not just a trip for my palate, but an actual adventure spent with "long time no see friends."

And The Cafe at Hyatt loves us, they are giving a complimentary iced tea to the ROVIEDEAR readers!

To get the free iced tea, use the promo code: CIT1701-H and like all the social media accounts of Hyatt:

Twitter: @hyattcodmanila
Instagram: hyattcityofdreamsmanila
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To know more about the food festival:

The Cafe at the Hyatt
GF, Hyatt City of Dreams
Asean Avenue cor Roxas Boulevard
Entertainment City, Paranaque, Metro Manila
T: (632) 691-1234 local 1162


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