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La Union Escape

Life have been very stressful lately and I have been wanting an escape. Escape from all the worries, the conflicts, the stress both from my personal and professional life. Thing have been tough and the long weekend came just when I needed it the most. I wanted to go someplace where I could just lounge around, chilland do nothing. I wanted to just relax and hear the sound of the waves, despite the non stop rain we have been experiencing last week. Gratefully, the husband made it happen and managed to book us a room in China Sea Beach Resort in Bauang, La Union.
We left Quezon City at around 10 in the morning and despite all our prayers, the sun did not shine bright that weekend. We are very lucky that Jhai, our family friend came and joined us for the trip. It was the first time that we traveled with another person and seriously, having someone to help us with Leon was a great relief. We had our lunch and stopover at Matutina's at Tarlac, Pangasinan. I was not able to take photos …

Clean Slate

Minutes before dosing off, I suddenly decided to update my blog. It's really hard to find time to do other things when you're a working mom but when opportunities present itself (my toddler is asleep and I still have a few energy left), I have to make the most out of it. Anyways, I decided to post this chic outfit I wore last Sunday, for my weekend date and family affair with my husband.
I have tried a lot of different styles (edgy, laidback, minimalist, hippie) but my heart keeps on coming back to chic, girly fashion. However, lately I find myself loving basic pieces and preferring black, white and even nude tones. I love wearing A-Line skirts and dresses for they effectively hide my tummy while effectibely highlughting my shoulders. This skirt from Pink Bodouir in particular is my favorite for it never fails to make me look chic and thin at the same time. Also, my mixology top is also so nice and so cheap! I got it for P250 at 70% off sale 2 weeks ago at Robinsons Dept Stor…

A Strong #ThighWarrior Mama

Keeping a full time job while trying to be hands on to my son is indeed very challenging. I usually find myself complaining on how I don't have that much time to do other things cause I'm usually swamped with work or motherhood duties. It took years to finally work things out and find time for myself. Since I have been meaning to get fit from the time I gave birth to Leon, I really had to do something about my work and sleep schedule so I can squeeze in a little time for fitness. Gladly, I have a supportive husband who manages to be creative with my schedule or even help me multitask. Like what we did last Sunday when I attended Plana Forma's yoga class. Since my husband had to attend to a lunch out with friends in Makati last Sunday, he agreed to drive me to Planaforma around 11amfor my 1hr Yoga Forma Asana class. We usually bring our son with us during weekends (weekend is dedicated for family time) and he agreed that he will look after him while I attend the class.  I con…

Another Day, Just Breathe

Almost a month ago, my husband and I went to this picturesque coffee shop called The Coffee Project for our usual post workout Sunday fix. Since the place is so instagrammable, I took the liberty of having my OOTD photos taken inside. (On a side note, Coffee Project's interior is really a beauty, the coffee is good but the food needs more effort)
Anyways, how are you guys? If you are wondering as to why I gave this post such title, its just because lately, I feel so overwhelmed with all the things that I have to do. While the young millennials nowadays say, adulating is so hard -- the older, later adult in me has to admit that indeed, it is very very hard.
Oftentimes, I have this internal struggle to whether quit work and be a full time mom to Leon, yet I also have this desire to add value to my current career. After 8 years of doing the same job for the same company, I now have this yearning to be promoted, to do something else, to earn more, to provide more for my family. Howe…