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Butterfly Kisses

As a working mom (with a lot of extra curricular affairs, lol), I tend to devote my weekends spending time with my unico hijo. My husband and I always feel guilty for we spend a lot of our time at work during weekdays so we make up for it by going out on weekends. We usually don't bring help with us so we can devote our full attention (and energy) to Leon. We usually bring him with us whenever we go to the mall, meet our friends or basically do anything. For this particular photoset, my husband took this a month ago at Glorietta after my workout at Planaforma. Obviously, taking photos with Leon has becoming a challenge for he won't keep still and would rather run around the mall. (I think he is starting to get annoyed everytime we tell him to smile to the camera).
Recently, I am now beginning to relate to working parents (whether working here in the Philippines or abroad) who try to makeup for their absence by buying their kids things or even spoiling them. I can really feel …

Whiter, More Glowing Skin Through Suaviss' Red Light Collagen Therapy

When I started telling people about my experience with the Suaviss Red Light Collagen Therapy, most of them think I'm foolish to do a whitening treatment cause I have naturally fair skin. Yes, I know I do have fair skin but I will never stop raving and reccommending the collagen therapy cause I am getting more than whitening in their unique treatment. My skin gets smoother, tighter and more glowing every after treatment. That's what I love about the Red Light Collagen Therapy -- it gives my skin that youthful glow. This is how my skin looks like right after the treatment. This is the R-630 Collagen Machine, which represents a safe, non invasive ans effetive wat to naturally encourage collagen production in the body. I know you're curious as how the process goes so let me walk through the steps I took to complete the treatment. First, I was asked to fill up a form to assesing skin type. This determines the duration of the scrub and my stay in the R-630 Collagen Machine. In t…

A Quick Trip to Manaog Church

As you may have seen in my previous posts, my family went to La Union a couple of weeks ago to unwind. Since we were also up north, the husband decided that we drop by Manaog, Pangasinan to have my red car (which we call Sydney, by the way) blessed. It was also the first time for us to see the popular church so we were very excited for the opportunity.
When Leon saw the lit candles around the shrine of Our Lady of Manaog, he could not stop blowing the candles while singing Happy Birthday. We also managed to stop him from trying to touch the candles. (Super kulit nitong bata na to!)
We were very surprised on how quick the car blessing was done in Manaog. Since a lot of tourists go there, I believe the church had to do it as quickly as they can to accommodate all the people who wanted their items (cars, rosaries, prayer booklets, etc) blessed. We somewhat missed the solemnity of having our car blessed but we're still very pleased to have seen, and experienced it in Manaoag.
The chur…

New Perspective

Have you ever had that night where you just couldn't sleep? So many thoughts running through my head and no matter how hard I try to sleep, I fail miserably. Thus, I decided to open my laptop and write a few things to help me clear my thoughts and probably put my mind to ease to help me fall asleep a little later.  Anyways, this photo was taken a week ago, when the family and I spent the long weekend at La Union. Weather was really bad that time so instead of having your usual sunny beach photo, here I am getting a little creative despite the gloomy skies. (Kudos to my husband for tolerating and taking my photos). It has been my desire to improve my instagram feed and my blog and I think I'm getting there (check out Yet, with the birth of the "millenial" bloggers and instagrammers, the competition is just so tough. Oh well, I'll probably stick to what I do best -- and that is to write my heart out (hopefully with content). Felt that the…