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On Friendships and Partnership

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went to S Maison, the mall inside the new Condrad Hotel to have dinner with my friends. It was an event I could not miss for it was a dinner arranged by one of my childhood best friends, Thet, who will be getting married in a couple of months. She specifically asked us to be present for she had an announcement to make. Yes you guessed it right -- she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.  It feels such an honor to be invited to be part of a wedding entourage. Being a former bride, each and every person I chose to be part of my entourage was specifically chosen based on the role they play in my life. They are the people whom I know that no matter what happens in the future, they will always be there for me. That is why when Thet asked me to become one of her bridesmaids, I could not help but cry. I have been friends with Thet since I was a child and I know how important this event to her. I am deeply, sincerely happy and excited for her.

Also p…

A Cheesy Twist in Your Favorite Japanese Food in TAKAMI

For someone who eats and visits The Yard, having my favorite okonomiyaki at Takami was actually a great idea. With so many food choices in that place, you won't go wrong with a cheesy Japanese comfort food. That's what Takami is good about. It gives our favorite Japanese snacks a cheesy twist that could definitely ease your blues away. Well for me at least. Isn't it comforting to eat a cheesy beef teriyaki and cheesy bacon okonomiyaki?  Takami - which means excellent in Japanese does not fail to give you and excellent experience when it comes to their food. Lianne, the owner of Takami made a good decision to incorporate cheese on a few Japanese dishes and yes, everything tastes good. I super love their okonomiyaki. It has a good amount of cheese and bacon in it and I just could stop grabbing a bite. The funny thing is, my braces were newly installed the time I went to Takami but it did not stop me from eating. This japanese pizza was also soft and chewy, it wasn't har…

Local Filipino Gelato Flavors at Manila Creamery

#GelatoIsLIFE I mean, who doesn't love gelatos? I particulary love this type of ice cream because it is creamier and milkier. It has a softer texture for me and compared to a typical ice cream, it does not hurt my sensitive teeth [that much]. Then imagine delicious Filipino flavors incorporated on a gelato? My heart suddenly skipped a bit.  talk about creamery That is what Manila Creamery is all about. That is what Jason Go and Paolo Reyes, is offering us -- rich, creamy, delicious gelato infused with Filipino flavors. Both studied in Italy to learn about gelatos, Jason and Paolo decided to give the usual gelatos with flavors close to our heart. Imagine mangga at suman (my persobal favorite!), ube langka, Davao chocolate among many others. They are also using locally sourced ingredients for most of their gelatos. I swear, each and every flavors of Manila Creamery are so good, you'd like to eat every one of them. My personal favorite is the mangga at suman cause it feels like …

The Terrible Two

You would never know how crazy it gets to be a parent until your child enters its terrible 2. Your once cute, fragile tiny infant suddenly transforms into this curious, hyperactive little human. You'll be constantly surprised on his milestones. Your heart will jump for joy as he begins to be more affectionate. He will give you random kisses, random hugs and say I love you mommy. You feel so overwhelemed and overjoy with the things he begin saying, you start singing with him as he can now sing a whole nursery rhyme, he dances at the beat of any music. Your child suddenly becomes the center of your heart, and your world.
In reality, that is not always the case. Honestly, on the other end of your sweet, affectionate little toddler comes this uncontrollable, hyper, terrible toddler who would not stop until he gets what he  wants. Before we were able to settle in this restaurant, Leon cried hysterically cause he saw a playground on the 3rd floor [of Robinson's Magnolia] and he des…