On Friendships and Partnership

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went to S Maison, the mall inside the new Condrad Hotel to have dinner with my friends. It was an event I could not miss for it was a dinner arranged by one of my childhood best friends, Thet, who will be getting married in a couple of months. She specifically asked us to be present for she had an announcement to make. Yes you guessed it right -- she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. 
I've got my man. Now I need my girls <3 i="">
With the bride-to-be, and one of my childhood best friends, Thet
It feels such an honor to be invited to be part of a wedding entourage. Being a former bride, each and every person I chose to be part of my entourage was specifically chosen based on the role they play in my life. They are the people whom I know that no matter what happens in the future, they will always be there for me. That is why when Thet asked me to become one of her bridesmaids, I could not help but cry. I have been friends with Thet since I was a child and I know how important this event to her. I am deeply, sincerely happy and excited for her.
Also present in the dinner were our other high school barkada (aka the other members of the entourage). Thet gave each of us paperbags with a sweet note and a set of cloth to be our gowns. (I should have done this during my wedding three years ago but I don't know why I didn't but past is past, haha) It was a cute and thoughtful idea, actually. As always, I cried after reading the note cause even though I know that the message was general for all the members of the entourage, I know that there is sincerity on it.

Anyways, goinng back to my #ootd -- the photoset was taken by no less than my husband, Paolo Peralta. I am beyond grateful for him cause even after all those years of being an instagram / blogger boyfriend / husband, he still patiently takes my pictures and listens to my comments. Although I haven't "re-established" myself again (still could not manage my time to blog more), I am pleased to know that my husband understands my wanting to be photographed. (hehe)
My forever. Naks

For my outfit details:
Top: Pink Bodouir || Skirt: Foerver 21
Sandals: H&M || Bag: Forever 21

Til my next post!

Rovie Dear


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