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The #NewNYXPh

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the VIP launch of the #NewNYXPh store in SM Megamall, Bldg A. I was beyond ecstatic to have received a beauty event invite for I haven't been into one for so long. Initially, it was a bit awkward being in an event with some of the well known beauty bloggers and also be in an event where you no one knows you. Fortunately, the staff and the people of NYX Philippines are friendly and accomodating enough to tour me around their new and beautiful store. A little side story - the straps of my sandals came off in the middle of trying out some of their products! I was horrified and luckily, someone from the staff lent me her slippers which enabled me to run from to my car and wear another pair of shoes! (Buti nalang I have lots of extra shoes in my car and buti nalang pinahiram nila ako!) 
Going back to the opening of the #NewNYXph, I fell crazy in love with their new  products! I have always found nyx to have quality products in a very very reason…

The White Sando

During the time that I was contemplating on revamping my blog (which was then THE BARGAIN DOLL), I initially thought of including a mother-and-son fashion section. I wanted to feature our matching outfits and talk about it on the blog. However, I have been miserably failing to match my outfit with Leon for lately, he began to be very choosy on the clothes he wears.
You know why? It's because of sando. Yes you read it right, sando. That white, tank top for kids? That is the piece of clothing that Leon prefers to wear. Leon would cry hysterically during dress up and would only calm down if you will wear him his most comfortable white sando. After an hour of pursuing him to wear something else, we usually end up wearing him a pambahay set and would just dress him up in the car. Like in this photo set, for example. Leon have been insisting to wear sando so instead of having a matching denim outfit with my son, I decided to wear something white instead. Fortunately, his blue striped (

Moving More Confidently with Whipped

You guys know how much we love bringing Leon out during weekends. We enjoy exposing him to different places for us to have more physical time together. We play and discover new things. We love watching him feed his curiosity and even if it requires us getting bask in the sun or sweating a lot, we would do it. 
Thus, play time with Leon means moving a lot -- as in A LOT. Since I also prefer dressing up fashionably, I make sure that I can move comfortably and confidently whenever I am with him. I make sure that I still look fashionable despite getting exhausted from all the carrying and running around.
For me to move confidently, I make sure that I am wearing comfy, yet fashionable clothes, and of course, hair-free. That why I can #DareToGetWhipped cause Whipped does not remove my unwanted hair, but also make sure that my underarms are smooth, sweet, and supple. Whipped's caramel scrubbin service has becoming my favorite cause aside from the usual waxing, they also treat my underam…

#TeamNOPRESSURE || 360 Fitness Club Timog Olympics

Since I became a member of 360 Fitness Club three years ago, I've always wanted to join their annual 360 Olympics. It's an interbranch competition where branch members would compete in different categories -- strength, speed, circuit, weightlifting, and even on group exercises like body jam, body combat and body balance. However, for some reasons, I always end up not being able to join (cause, work and motherhood). So when 360 Fitness Club Timog (Quezon City) announced that they will be having their first branch olympics, I did not hesitate to join. I personally chose to be part of  Kelly Medina's body jam team for I was very excited to work with someone I'm close with. Kelly is one of the most fit  and is also known for being one of the best dancers in the gym. Who would not want to be part of his team? Initially, things did not work out well for the team. Some members have quit along the way, schedules won't meet up and things won't get conceptualized. It wa…