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In His Perfect Time

As I grow older; as I slowly build the foundation of my small family, I begin to realize how hard the term adulting is. Presently, I could no longer sit on laurels and do things the way I do before. I begin to be more cautious of the things that I do on a daily basis, I became more strict on how I spend each second of my time. My attitude towards work has changed, and I became more eager for career and financial advancement. The past two years have been a neverending struggle to climb up the corporate ladder. 
This time last year, I was praying so hard to the Lord to grant me the promotion I have worked so hard for. Last year, I tried to apply for a position, for the promotion I have longed for- for the third time. Unfortunately it never came. I never knew why. I never understood why. 2016 started with so much heartbreak and insecurities. I began to question my self. I started doubting my strength and capabilities. It was tough to be rejected not just once, but thrice. It was more di…

Kuala Lumpur Day 2: Batu Caves | Mederka Saqure | Jalan Alor | Bukit Bintang

For the our second day in Malaysia, Paolo and I managed to hike at Batu Caves, explore the Dark Cave, stroll around Merdeka Square, walk around the City Central, have super late lunch in Arch Cafe, walk back to the Square, failed to tour the KL Gallery, went to Genting Square, have Persian dinner in Bukit Bintang, strolled around Jalan Alor and have drinks in Bukit Bintang. So I basically summarized everything for you guys but no I have tons of side stories!!

As expected Paolo and I woke up really late on our second day. The lack of sleep and the relentless walking the prior day exhausted us that we just could not find the energy to wake up the next day. As expected, we missed the free breakfast (actually, there was really no breakfast, agoda lured us, lol) and opted to eat in one of the restaurants along the street of Jalan Raja Alang, where our hotel, Bagasta Guesthouse is located. It was always an adventure to eat along the streets and learn about a place culture's through foo…