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For AR and Jill

I met Jill through our sorority, The UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila, an organization whose main goal is to uplift and empowerwomen. Indeed, Jill has done that not just for myself, not just for the members of the sorority nor for her friends but most importantly, for herself. Amidst her frame (her very cute frame), Jill has been the rock, the shoulder to cry on, to all her friends.I don't know how she does it, but Jill has this contagious energy, an energy that is full of life, and full of optimism. She will never stop believing in you, pushing you until you emerge better and stronger. Looking back on our college days, Jill has been my person, my friend, my sister who has been there for me. We were each others backbone. I was Vice Lady Chancellor (for Internals) when she was Lady Chancellor, a term she served with righteousness and grace. Her leadership was unwavering. Her spirit is filled with so much passion that she was able to lead and empower an organization while empowering…

10 Things I Learned From 2016

It has been five days since 2017 came and honestly, I still can't move on from the things that transpired the past year. 2016 was probably one of my toughest year that it gave me experiences that tested me as a person. 2016 was an emotional year -- it brought me to beautiful places, it showed me other opportunities but at the same time, it broke my heart, hurt my ego and heightened my anxiety. Those experiences changed me -- it changed my mindset, my attitude, my life in ways I never imagined. Hence, I am pouring my heart out and writing this blog post to share with you things that the year 2016 has taught me.

1. SOME GOOD THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE Especially when you worked hard for it I had an amazing start of the year when I was included among the employees who flew to Switzerland and Italy for our company's incentive trip. It was my first time to fly to Europe and I will forever be grateful to Medichem - the CNS division of Unilab, for giving me an opportunity visit those two…

PINAC: Capampangan Food at its Finest

Pinac's delicious Kare-Kare (P365), Crispy Pata (P645), Pork Embutido (P1,550) and Overload Pinoy Paella with BAGNET (P1,250) are just the greatest things that can happen to your dinner table. Sometime in November last year, I got a chance to dine for the first time in Pinac, a casual dining restaurant that serves delicious, DELICIOUS Capampangan dishes. Filipino dishes will always be my topmost favorite cuisine and I am very particular to the Filipino restaurants I dine. Since I get to eat most of the dishes at home, I make sure that when I eat them in a Filipino restaurant, they taste far better than home. Fortunately, the dishes in Pinac passed my standards -- with flying colors.  Most of Pinac's signature dishes have its own twist. This Pork Embotido platter in particular is served underneath a soft, buttery mashed potato that you would not need rice to partner with is. The Overload Pinoy Paella is a wonderful experience for you get to enjoy your crispy bagnet with shrimp an…