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6 Things To Do In Sydney

We have been living in Sydney for almost 3 months now and everything still feels new. We still have a lot of places to visit, dishes to try and activities to do. We haven't had time to immerse and discover the things that New South Wales has to offer for we were more preoccupied with buying things and groceries for our new house. However, with people coming over to visit us, are the opportunities to go out and bring them to different tourist spots in Sydney. Just a week ago, my uncle visited us from the Philippines and as expected, Paolo and I were very excited to tour him around. (Cause we still feel like tourists, too). With our goal to make him experience touring around like a local, we did a quick walking/commuting tour around the city to see some Sydney's popular tourist spots.
Here's a quick city tour itinerary for those who plan to visit Sydney anytime soon. ️ Disclaimer: We did ours on two separate days cause my Uncle got tired from walking. But if you're bursting…

10 Things I Love About Sydney

When we visited Sydney a year ago for a tour, my husband and I instantly fell in love with the place. We became so obsessed with the idea of living in Australia that we never stopped praying and hoping for it to come true. Providentially, the Lord must have seen us prayed so hard that year after, Paolo, Leon and I are now living here in New South Wales.
We can never be more than grateful.
Currently, we still couldn't believe how different our lives are now. Here, we're on our own. Doing chores on our own, taking care of our son on our own, deciding on our own, living on our own. We learned to be very independent - something I love about living here in Sydney. More than this, there are a lot more things to love about being here. And that is what I'd like to share with you - the __ things I love about (living in) Sydney.
1. Commuting is fast, safe and easy I always adored countries with fast, accessible and safe mass transportation system. Australia - NSW, in particular, off…