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On Job Hunting and Separation Anxiety

Remember I was telling you guys that I was having a hard time looking for a job here in Sydney? Well, it is actually true. Mahirap makahanap ng trabaho dito, lalo na yung gusto mo. However, the good news is, I got one! Yes! After numerous rejections and failed interviews, I finally landed a job that (I think) is enough to cover for Leon's childcare fees and gain me the experience that I need.  Just some of my numerous "rejection letters."
When I thought everything was getting really tough, I suddenly got this job. So fast, you may wonder. But you know why I easily got a job? It is because I decided to not be choosy.  
So while I was browsing this job alerts on my email (I subscribed in,, and, I saw a job posting, looking for outbound call center agents. The requirements were simple - above 18, knows how to write and communicate in English, knows how to use the computer and available to work full time and part time. With the schedule a…

The Childcare Situation

While I was busy looking around for work (as I've shared in my previous post), I was also busy researching about the childcare/daycare rates here in Sydney. See, family life here is very different. Usually, the moms are allowed to take a 12-month maternity leave from work (and can even be extended up to two years). Once the moms are ready to go back to work, they would usually put their kid(s) to childcare, hire a nanny or leave them with other family members. Depending on the family's situation, putting the child to daycare is one of the common practice here. So after tedious research, I learned that the average childcare rate here ranges from 85-150 AUD, The rate usually depends on where you are in New South Wales, how old your child is, or the other services the center offers. As expected, everything gets more expensive as you move closer to the city.
When Paolo and I moved here in Sydney, one of the main concern is Leon's care. Since we are in a working visa, we are n…

Out and About, Finding My Luck

Three weeks ago, Paolo and I made a random decision to put my resume online. Since my uncle was here for almost three weeks, we took advantage of the opportunity to attend to interviews while he looked after Leon at home. Was the experience easy? Did I get a job?
Honestly, it was tough,
I'm sure most of the migrants could relate to this  - finding a job abroad is never easy. Aside from the fact that most companies prefer someone with local experience, you also compete with thousands of locals who speaks better English than you, who holds a degree from a locally acclaimed University. Hence, you have to face the fact that whether you like it or not, regardless of your educational background, and the years of experience you had in the Philippines, you really have to start from scratch - again. Well, unless you study for a certificate or a diploma course here in Austalia, or you have an extensive IT background, or graduated or be sponsored to work here - you can easily get a job here…

A Day In Featherdale Zoo

A month after we have visited Featherdale Wildlife Park, I finally found some time to write about our experience. It was a random decision that my husband made one Saturday. He was aching to do something new, different from our usual grocery and mall routine, hence the decision to visit a zoo!  Paolo then drove us to Featherdale, located in the Blacktown suburb. For just 30 AUD per adult, (kids under 4 enter for free) we got the chance have a personal encounter with the roos, koalas, wallabies and see different animals. Upon entry, a group of wallabies was excited to get feed. For about 2dollars a cup, you can get a cup full of feeds to for the animals. Luckily, other tourists gave us theirs for free and the brave little boy was just too happy to feed them. Repeatedly, he kept on saying,  Mommyy, wallabies are eating!"

Then we head to get up close and personal to those cute looking koalas. They are so cute and sleepy that I just want to take them home -- even my son would agree. H…

A Lesson Learned By A Stay-at-Home-Mom

Wait, what, it's June?? Time is flying so fast that I did not realize that we're approaching half 2017 already. I have been very preoccupied adjusting to our new life here in Sydney and just recently, I decided to take in some freelance online work to earn a little while I stay at home. Things had been very difficult lately, and I must say, all the stress from adjusting, to learning chores, to managing time and taking in extra work must have taken a toll on my health. While I post exciting discoveries and family bonding activities on my Facebook and Instagram pages, I was also dealing with some health struggles here in Sydney. Apart from my recurring pimple infections on weird parts of my body, non-stop flu, and stress-related acids and ulcers, and insomnia. Aside from Leon (who had a recent febrile seizure episode), I also went on a series of tests to find out what have been causing my pimple breakout. Then it was discovered that I have iron-deficiency anemia - which I was n…