Out and About, Finding My Luck

That day when  I had my very first interview

Three weeks ago, Paolo and I made a random decision to put my resume online. Since my uncle was here for almost three weeks, we took advantage of the opportunity to attend to interviews while he looked after Leon at home. Was the experience easy? Did I get a job?

Honestly, it was tough,

I'm sure most of the migrants could relate to this  - finding a job abroad is never easy. Aside from the fact that most companies prefer someone with local experience, you also compete with thousands of locals who speaks better English than you, who holds a degree from a locally acclaimed University. Hence, you have to face the fact that whether you like it or not, regardless of your educational background, and the years of experience you had in the Philippines, you really have to start from scratch - again. Well, unless you study for a certificate or a diploma course here in Austalia, or you have an extensive IT background, or graduated or be sponsored to work here - you can easily get a job here. 
I was really excited to city the city! 
So, with my husband's guidance, I started applying online via seek.com, an app that helps you find a job here. I started applying for a job I am very familiar with - as a medical representative. Unfortunately, after sending my application to several healthcare companies, I was easily rejected via email. I was heartbroken. The last time I applied online was 9 years ago, with Unilab - where I was immediately accepted. (which I also never left until our big move).

Feeling a little sad, the husband advised why not try applying to other companies? So I did. I did an application spree on Seek and applied on every "entry level sales"  job I could find online. Fortunately, I got a couple of calls - which I miserably failed. (I never thought that they do initial phone interviews here!) I was casually answering their questions, stuttering, and stammering all the way. I had those  "I couldn't find that English term for this Filipino word" moments that made the phone conversation very cringe worthy. The worst part, I am still struggling to understand the Australian accent that made those phone interviews very difficult. (Probably one of the reasons why I wasn't shortlisted to the next level)

But how will I learn the culture or understand the accent if I am not out there, interacting with people? 
My husband and I went to the city together. We are both excited to do this soon!

Fortunately, out of tons of applications, I secured an interview for a sales and marketing company. Through I passed until the second screening, I still have to weigh my options since the job required extended working hours (including weekends). Since we do not have help here and would only rely on childcare, I may need a healthy working schedule fit to the center's (and my son's) schedule. Having a child makes everything a little more complicated.
Coffee was and is my relaxant. 
Even if I am still getting several rejections via email (as I type), I am still very optimistic that the right job will come at the right time. I am currently "testing the waters" and see if someone who has a bachelor's degree in Biology and a background in sales could actually find a job here. Until then, I still have to enjoy being a stay-at-home mom to Leon - a tough job that I am definitely, definitely enjoying.

The trick to get a job here is: TO NOT BE CHOOSY. Be willing to start from scratch and climb your way up again. 

We are considering to put Leon to school/ childcare for him to develop more social skills. However, to afford that, I really need to bring in some income. Hence the decision to "test the waters" and apply for a job. Some of my friends who migrated here have various experiences. Some were able to find a job in a month's time, some took them half a year. So I am not losing hope! I know the right job will come in God' time.

Til next time!

The Mommy Roves


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