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To My Not So Little Boy

To my Leon, Still, I couldn't believe how fast time flies. It seems like only yesterday, you were this fragile little human, always longing for comfort in my arms.You were so little but you were huge enough to create a massive change in our life. You have shown me things I never thought possible. You have given me strength and inspiration I never thought I could find. You made me discover skills I never thought I had. You have shown me a different kind of love. A kind of love that transcends all other forms - the love of a mother. Now that you're three, the more you amaze me with your wit and personality. I wonder, when did you learn to speak that smart? How do you manage to run a conversation with such young age? It's like magic. One day you were stuttering and figuring out how to say words like mommy and daddy and now you can easily talk your way out to certain things (like telling me how carrots will make you sick and chicken will make you strong). I can still remember…

Moving Forward

A week has passed since I wrote that semi depressing entry about losing a job I thought I had. I figured I should probably write something a little less depressing here on the blog to lighten things up.  Leather Jacket: Vinnies (Thrifted) | Dress: Random (Phils) | Boots: Payless Shoesource (Phils) There is nothing much to do but to move forward. Immediately, despite feeling a little down, I have searched for other jobs online and tried my luck, again. While I still get nothing but rejection emails (again) and zero responses, I am still keeping my head high and my hopes up. Someday, probably, when the right time comes (or the right visa arrives, in my case), the right job would land on my feet.  Someday.
After all my life experiences, all my rejections, here and in the Philippines, there is one thing I have learned about myself - that I am very resilient. I know for a fact that no matter how big or small the challenges are, I am brave enough to face all them. Ako pa talaga, e sanay na …

I Got a Job and I Lost It (The Workplace Shock)

Today was a sad day.
On the fourth day of my training for this outbound, call center sales job here in Sydney, the training manager called me and two other trainees in a private room. We were actually in the middle of cold calling random people over the phone, trying to raise funds for a good cause when she cut us off. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, we did not make the cut. She had to let me (us) go. 
Whew. I never realized it was possible to lose a job in just three days.  Y Naiyak ako. Well hanggang ngayon naman naiiyak parin ako. I still couldn't believe what just happened today. A couple of weeks ago, I was so excited. Finally, I got a job. I have arranged Leon's schedule in daycare and secured him a slot. Paolo and I did the math - my supposed salary was more than enough to cover for Leon's childcare. Everything was looking so good. Our plan is finally working out. Until I got laid off. FAST.

Ang bilis ng mga pangyayari. During our first day at work (technical…