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On Second Chances | Tips on Jobhunting

"When God closes a door, He opens a window." This saying, as cliche as it may sound, is undoubtedly true. Not so long ago, I have poured my heart out and shared my heartbreaking experience over a job that I lost here. I've also shared how many rejections I have received from numerous (insane) jobs I have applied for. Yet, despite all those setbacks, I moved on and decided to do what I do best - to not lose faith, to not give up and to just try again.
During the moments that I doubted myself, I was lucky to be surrounded by people who cared and believed in me. Some, offered words of encouragement, while some a particular person gave me the exact help that I really need. This person, who I'd like to call Bic looked at my resume and identified everything that is causing my dilemma. Through her wonderful [and very very detailed] advice, I was able to revise my resume competitively. The moment I uploaded it on multiple job search apps here in Australia, and bam! The calls…