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A Day in The Kidtopia Festival

Attending a music festival has been part of my bucket list. Yung tipong ma-ala coachella ang peg tapos nakafestival outfit ako, ganon. Since motherhood and migration happened, I never really had the chance to attend one. And now, why am I not surprised that my first "semi-festival experience" would be kid-friendly? Luckily, I have an amazing friend (let's call her Ria) who was able to score FREE tickets for us to attend the Kidtopia festival. So instead of spending $30 per head to enjoy the festival, we were able to gain access without spending for anything! Bongga! It was scorching hot when we arrived there last Saturday, around lunch time. The sun was so up, everyone had their hats on and trying to keep their cool. Yet, despite the weather, you'd see kids running around, falling in line to the rides, gathering on different play areas and even dancing on the stage area. There was even a point where the performers on the stage asked the kids to dance! Syempre, Leon …