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LG Roboking Vaccumm - Our Ultimate Chores Hack

It may seem bizarre for some but I never realized that a simple thing like delegating chores could cause friction to a relationship. Moving here in Australia, Paolo and I had to adjust to the fact that we have no one else to rely on but ourselves. Gone are the days where we have our helpers, parents our relatives to cook, laundry or clean for us. Since we couldn’t afford to pay a huge amount of wage for a helper, we had no choice but to do things all chores on our own. Hence I understand why appliances - such as dishwashers, dryers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners are very important in a household. For a busy family like us - working 8 hours a day, commuting for 1-2 hours a day, we had to do our chores as efficiently as we can. The faster we can do the chores, the more time we have to rest or to do other things.
Then you realize what kind of a job our helpers, nannies, yaya do at home. Ang hirap din ng trabahonila. Hindi biro gumawa ng chores 24/7. When I was staying at home, I tri…