Finally, Things Are Back To Normal


The faster he goes back to his normal, active routine, the better for his recovery

That was the advise given to me by Leon's physiotherapist the day before our discharge. According to him, the more he walks and moves, with caution, of course, the better for his body to build its strength. While I initially told them my uncertainties, they told me that the more the child moves, the fewer the chances of him getting back to surgery. He and his doctors basically slammed my idea of binat, which is a huge deal for our folks back in the Philippines.
Upon discharge, doctors advised us that Leon can easily go back to daycare a week after. Though I also shared them my sentiments regarding sending him to daycare - him getting sick again, him not being able to eat well, him playing rowdy with other kids, and so on and so forth the doctors reassured me that with proper care and healthy diet, sending him to daycare is essentially okay. Kahit naman anong concerns ko sa daycare, wala naman akong choice cause this is the norm here. Generally, almost all kids here go to daycare, not just to prepare them for big school, or have someone watch over them while parents work, but for kids to develop social skills and spend more time on playing and learning rather than something else. And since we do not have the luxury of having a help here, (and we really need to earn a little extra for all our expenses), we have no choice but to send him back. 
Leon on his Haloween costumes in school, on the week he got sick

So today was that day. Today, Leon and I both went back to our usual routine - him going to daycare from 8-5 and me going back to work the same time as his. For Leon, it was a happy day. Though his teachers told me that he is a bit quiet than usual, he spent the whole day basically hugging his best friends in school and cuddling with his teachers. I never realized how attached he is with people from daycare. Even the teachers shown care and concern for him - made sure that he is being looked after - making sure he is not playing rowdy, making sure he is dry and okay. 
As for me, I am also very happy to be back to work. I have never expected the kind of love and understanding my manager and colleagues have shown me during my time of crisis. With me being new and without any leaves to take yet, my manager understood my situation and allowed me to take a leave for almost the whole month of November. They even sent gifts, their well wishes for Leon and all the reassurance I can get. Akala ko wala na akong babalikang trabaho. Pero mali pala ako. They are so respectful and understanding here, lalo na pag pamilya ang pinaguusapan.

Did I tell you guys that I am working with the company who supplies medical gases to almost all hospitals here in Australia? I never realized how big and important our company is until Leon actually had to use our products to help cure his condition. Never in my life na inakala ko na one day, kakailanganin rin pala namin ng oxygen support, ng oxygen cylinders, ng nitrous oxide. I will be forever grateful to BOC, not just for understanding me but for literally extending my son's life. 

The hardest part probably of getting back to work is the fact that you have to tell to a lot of people what happened. Lahat halos ng tao tinanong ako, sa school man o sa workplace. Its so hard not to be emotional when you re-tell the scariest phase of your life. Kahit pala masaya na kami ngayon e nakakaiyak at nakakatakot parin palang balikan yung kwento. Kahit hanggang ngayon, hindi parin ako makapaniwalang nangyari yon kay Leon.
kahit anong mangyari, bubuhatin kita pataas, literally and figuratively.

While no one can dispute the fact that Leon may have gotten his infection from school, how his condition was (mis)managed still remains to be the culprit. Minsan iniisip ko kung tama bang ibalik sya sa daycare. Madalas din naiisip kong umalis nalang sa work at bumalik sa pagiging Stay-at-home mom para alagaan si Leon. Pero paano? Is there a guarantee na sick-proof  na sya kung nasa bahay na kami? Paano na yung mga babayaran namin? Paano na yung development ng social skills nya? Paano ko matutulungan ang pamilyang ito maitaguyod ang buhay at pangarap namin?

Ang daming tanong ano? Even I don't know the answer to those questions. There were people who are quick to judge and quick to blame me for all that's happened, and there were people who understand. There were people who advised the benefits of our current set-up - for me, my son, our family, our well-being, etc.etc.
Late Photo: During our lunch at YAYOI GARDEN in Sydney
While there are a number of things to consider and to ponder about, I am extremely happy that slowly, we are getting back to normal. Kebs na kami sa opinyon ng ibang tao. Ang hirap kaya mamuhay sa ibang bansa? For us, we will do what's best for Leon and for this family.

I apologize for ranting.

x, The Mommy Roves


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